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This is an initiative of the Manazuru Peninsula Fisheries Cooperative and has been studied for five years. Then, in June of this year, mail order was started for the general public. This arrangement is the first package shipped by mail order to commemorate it. How to cook? To put on a grab. First wash the shell well with a scrubbing brush. With the flat side of the oyster facing up, cut or crack the oyster at 2 o’clock by about 5 mm. If a small hole opens and water blows out, insert a small special knife into it. Cut off the adductor muscles along the flat shell. Peel off the Read More


残ったイカワタは小ビンに詰め、冷蔵庫で保存しておくと他の料理、パスタやリゾットなどのイタリアンにも使えます。 Read More