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The best Wagyu loin was ordered from a butcher. For somen noodles, I used the midyear gifts that I received from my relatives. Somen noodles by MIWA SOMEN Materials The dripping are in the foreground.From the right, pumpkin, carrots and honey, and edamame.Appropriate amount of spices for each. Beef is garlic oil, and a quick warming of the surface is sufficient.You can make somen noodles crispy by adding water once. Read More


Very easy steps. Materials Raw seaweed hijiki 1/2 pack Mizuna 1 share 5-6 mushrooms 1 tablespoon of sesame oil 1/2 tablespoon of soy sauce Grated garlic 1/4 Vinegar 1/2 Nampula 1/4 Steps Boil the hijiki seaweed for 3 minutes and cool with ice water Slice mushrooms Cut the mizuna into 3 cm pieces Mix all ingredients in a bowl and you’re done. The point is to wipe the boiled hijiki with kitchen paper. Read More

Winter 1985 I went on a trip around Kyushu as a tour operator. On the tour bus, the guide brewed three famous Kyushu teas every day. Yame, Ureshino, and Chiran have different flavors, and Chiran tea is especially “sweet tea” I was impressed as. ―― Thirty five years later, I never met Chirancha.   Winter 2020 When I stayed at Ibusuki for a week or so due to work, I thought about buying water and milk at a product store near the inn, “Do you have green tea?” I asked the owner of the store, and was guided to a corner where various teas were lined up, and when I Read More