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20, July, 2021 Start pre-order sales ahead of any other. The highest grade frankincense Al Hojari from Dhofar, Oman “Starter’s Kit” set for the first person It is 3000 yen in Japanese yen. You can enjoy the healing time of frankincense with just this set. Details Sales site Start date and time; 00:00 20, July, 2021 (JST) End date; 23:59 20, August, 2021 (JST) Planned amount 3,000 Yen Planned quantity 500 Produce Muscat Trading (Japan)       Product Details Finest Frankincense from Oman 3g Mini incense burner 1 Burning mat 1 Coaster 1 Dedicated tweezers 1 Wooden spatula for powder 1 Frankincense powder 2g Aluminum case 1 FrankincenseCountry of Read More

Impermanence (Anicca အနိစ္စ අනිච්ච อนิจฺจ អនិច្ច অনিচ্চ) All substances are impermanent. People, animals, plants, atmosphere, earth, and the moon and sun. Even for a moment, they don’t stay. Planets are born, eventually collapse, and become dust in the universe And reborn. People are born, grow, and die. And reborn. There is no end to the activity of matter. That is reincarnation. Read More

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