Farfalla di Japanese short-neck clam & Pumpkin

but the boild water stay there. Mash pumpkin, so mushroom throw away. Return mushed pumpkin into boild water, so Mix well

【Dragon Fruit Parfait II】Exquisite enjoyment of tropical fruits

It's delicious as it is, but if you take a little time, it will make children happy, and the cospa will be perfect and a well-balanced dessert.

Let’s soak in the hot spring at the foot of Kaimondake, the southernmost tip of Kyushu

It is a free-flowing source. Source temperature 59°C. The temperature is adjusted by adding water to the bathtub.

[Enteric activity] I’ve heard stories of putting intestinal bacteria on your side

Beneficial bacteria include bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria, which prevent the invasion and growth of bad bacteria, promote intestinal motility, and tone the stomach.


錦江湾のカンパチ かなり、美味いです。 加えて、マイカが非常に新鮮で、歯ごたえポリンポリンでした。