Author: Alokitevilokite

Free social welfare elementary school at Myanmar. Sometime, there are lunch donations from donor in the world wide. Before meals, students wash their hands with soap and fresh water in each bowls. So teacher teach the habit of “washing hands” at school because it is more common to eat by hand than to use a Read More

Buddhist ceremonies are brilliantly held around June and October each year, at the beginning and end of the rainy season.Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, or Sri Lanka.Called Katthina, it is a dedication ceremony for Buddhists gathering and wearing clothes worn by monks.          Katthina is well prepared.          For Read More

Fifteen years ago, I took this picture in a village on the outskirts of Yangon, Myanmar. All of “Khowin” in the photo are teenage boys. They have a very nice smile, right? Living in the temple, they also help with the restoration work of the temple. Simple boys who show such smiles during their harsh Read More

Nostalgic.I came out after organizing the photos. The woman on the right is a movie actress.(I forgot her name completely) Going back now, 15 years ago.At a ceremony at her Abhidhamma temple in Yangon, Republic of Myanmar. Read More

Aquarium Orca

Sterling silver foil and lacquerAquarium Orca parent and child The white part of the orca is 100% sterling silver foil. The actual color is silver, but it looks white due to reflections.The color of water, which is also 100% sterling silver. How is it strange? 210mm * 150mmThis lacquer board as Wajima NuritaroSterling silver foil Read More