Oven-baked Rock Oysters with fresh basil and tomato sauce, Buckwheat galette

Fish Foods

Today I got fresh basil from Kyoto, so I will make fresh tomatoes and sauce.

I ordered buckwheat flour from Fukui.

The treatment of Rock oysters is the same as in the previous article.


  1. Stir-fri garlick and ginger with Olive Oil
  2. Cut Tomato for 1cm
  3. Put in the Pan Tomato
  4. Cabernet Sauvignon 60ml and boil slow.
  5. Put in Salt and pepper
  6. Ending, add Fresh Bazill
  7. Place aluminum wheels on the oven tray (make gather)
  8. Put the shell
  9. Put the above sauce
  10. Put oysters
  11. Add a little olive oil
  12. So baking time would be 15-20min by 240 ℃, turn tray at 180 degree at half time.

This case, it had put on small of the Camembert cheese, but you no need addition.