Drian fruit Sầu riêng


Durian (Sầu riêng)

It is known as a prominent fruit among Southeast Asian fruits.

Today, I will talk about how to eat the Durian.


Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, etc.


The market on every year, the best season is from May to July.
Durians eaten in Myanmar and Vietnam around June will be an unforgettable memory of your trip.

How to distinguish when to eat

  • Choose a lighter one if it is the same size
  • Has a unique fragrance
  • Well shaped
  • The buttom part is cracking
  • The base of the vine is black
Good shaped

Cracking the buttom
The bese of vine
The Top

How to eat

It is best to eat it as it is.
However, it can feel like heavy after a meal, so I recommend eating yogurt with it.

Nutrition and effects

Durian is a very nutritious fruit.
Rich in minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and copper that are essential for maintaining body function.
Compared to other fruits, it also contains a large amount of folic acid, which makes blood and helps prevent anemia, and niacin, which promotes metabolism, improves blood circulation and relieves poor circulation.

In addition, vitamin B1 required for energy conversion is one of the best among fruits.
Vitamin B2, which promotes cell regeneration, is also contained in about the same amount as avocado.
Vitamin B1 can be expected to relieve fatigue, and Vitamin B2 can be expected to regenerate skin and nails.

It contains the second highest amount of potassium, which is effective in preventing high blood pressure, next to avocado.

However, durian is high in calories and should be consulted with your doctor if you have an underlying disease of an adult disease.

Durian is said to have died due to poor eating with alcohol.
Please be careful about the combination of durian and alcohol.