“Cherry salmon” Sakuramasu

chrry salmonFish

Cherry salmon is a fish unique to Japan.

It’s very delicious.
Perhaps eating this cherry salmon will make other salmon feel less good to eat.

In the olden days, it was just called “Masu; trout” because you could gotten a lot of “trout” when the cherry blossoms were in bloom.

To run up the river.
The first run of cherry salmon in Honshu is February, mainly from March to June.

In Hokkaido, it starts around April and is said to end around July, but in the Hidaka region, it will enter the fixed net from around November, so it will be on the market slightly. And in the market, it is called “Ao masu;blue trout” or “Kuchi guro;mouth black”.
It overlaps with the time when cherry salmon run up and the front of cherry blossoms.


On the Sea of Japan, north of Yamaguchi Prefecture, on the Pacific side, Honshu, north of Shizuoka Prefecture, and Kyushu, excluding Oita Prefecture.
Sea of Japan, Sea of Okhotsk.


  • Eat insects and annelids during the larval season in rivers. After the sea falls, it preys on plankton, sand lance, squid, fish, krill, etc. as it grows.
  • Returning to the river is early in the south and slow in the north. It starts climbing the river from around March in Honshu and around April in Hokkaido.
  • The spawning season is from late August to early October. Eggs hatch in November and December.
  • The fry are widely dispersed from the upper reaches to the middle reaches, spend a year in fresh water, and descend at the age of 1 the following spring.
  • Distributed in the Sea of ​​Japan, the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, and the North Pacific Ocean, and spends a year in the sea.
  • In the early summer of 2 years old (June-July or September-October) the year after spawning, they will return to the river and run up.
  • Spend 3-4 months in the river and lay eggs in the fall. It dies after spawning.
  • Lifespan is less than 3 years.
  • Sakuramasu, Yamame, Satsukimasu, Biwamasu, Taiwanmasu are Sakuramasu type 5 (subspecies). There is also the idea of ​​adding squid to this.
  • There are two types of cherry salmon, one is a sea-fall type and the other is a land-sealed type that remains in the river and is crappy in the sea. Yamame and Amago are land-sealed. The cherry salmon this time is a sea-fall type.