“Thach dua” Coconut jelly

Thach duaAsian
Asian Sweets

A simple jelly that just dissolves gelatin in coconut juice.

I could only eat this sweet once during my 6 years stay in Vietnam.

I miss you very very much.

This time, I boiled lotus seeds in honey and dropped some of them to the bottom.


3 coconuts

12 gelatin sheets

1/4 teaspoon salt

Lotus seeds boiled in honey 5-6 grains


  1. Take out coconut juice
  2. Put half on fire
  3. Soak the gelatin sheets in water for about 3 minutes
  4. Melt gelatin
  5. Add salt
  6. Add the other half of the juice
  7. Put lotus seeds in coconut seeds, pour juice and keep in the fridge overnight.

Point: Add a little salt to accentuate the gentle sweetness of coconut.