Five years later, we welcomed a new cat. But it was just like a wildcat

Five years have passed since my previous cat died.

The flow of time is fast.

Recently, I was tired of spending time alone, and I was worried about the living conditions of the stray cats in neighborhood.

Then, while investigating the environment surrounding stray cats, social responses, legal issues, etc.

I learned that there is a “cat foster parent” system in the city where I live.

The government (city) protects stray dogs and cats, publishes images and profiles through the internet, and recruits foster parents.

So I applied for some, but unfortunately there was no connection.

In order to deepen my understanding of cats, I investigated the types and roots of cats in the world, and this is quite interesting.

Then, I nominated several breeds of cats and then compared them with my own experience to find out which breed was the most suitable.

As a result, it was decided to be “Bengal”.

He was born by mating a Leopard cat with a domestic cat.

After a week.

I find that it is wild and different in nature from ordinary cats.

Details as

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