Farfalla di Japanese short-neck clam & Pumpkin


For 2 dishes

  • Farfalle 100g
  • Baby clam 300g
  • Mushroom 50g
  • Blue cheese 50g
  • milk 150cc
  • Flouer 3 tea spoon
  • Butter 3pc ( 2cm*2cm*5mm)
  • Soy sauce 1 tea spoon
  • Wite pepper a little
  • Salt 1/2 tea spoon
  • Water 500cc (For sauce)

Steps 1 for Sauce of Pumpkin

  1. Boil Baby Clam 4min after bublle water
  2. Clams put in colander should be castaway 3h for drying
  3. Making sauce. boil pealed pumpkin and mushroom until soft
  4. Take out mushroom and pumpkin, but the boild water stay there.
  5. Mash pumpkin, so mushroom throw away.
  6. Return mushed pumpkin into boild water, so Mix well
  7. Pour milk into 6
  8. Take out pumpkin’s strings using Japanese oil colander
  9. Boil the sauce down until half by slow fire
  10. Stop fire, so “mon de” Blue cheese and 1pc butter
  11. Cool down, then put into fridge for 1 night

Step 2 for Dish up

  1. Boil Farfalle for 8-10min
  2. Warm sauce another pan
  3. Make the white sauce by another pan
  4. MIx 1 and 3 well
  5. Clams put into a small steel bowl
  6. The bowl float on the boil water of farfalle
  7. Put into bowl 2pcs butter, and boil water a little
  8. Mix that, take out from boil water
  9. Stay there for 5min (Butter will be effect coating clam)
  10. Farfalle should up to colander
  11. Calm put into pampkin sauce
  12. Mix farfalle and sauce


From May to the summer, the short-necked clam reaches season.

As the fresh summer vegetables are sold at this time, it is fun to reach them as an accompanist.

Seemingly it seems to be difficult, but it is unexpectedly easy when you try it once.