Reunion after 35 years [Chiran Tea]

Winter 1985

I went on a trip around Kyushu as a tour operator.

On the tour bus, the guide brewed three famous Kyushu teas every day.

Yame, Ureshino, and Chiran have different flavors, and Chiran tea is especially

“sweet tea”

I was impressed as.


Thirty five years later, I never met Chirancha.


Winter 2020

When I stayed at Ibusuki for a week or so due to work, I thought about buying water and milk at a product store near the inn,

“Do you have green tea?”

I asked the owner of the store, and was guided to a corner where various teas were lined up, and when I picked up one of them, the package

“Chiran Cha”

Is the character.

Reunited with Chirancha for the first time in 35 years.

I left the shop after buying one bag of tea packs to drink at the inn I was staying in, 3 bags of special incense and Asagiri for souvenirs.



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