Let’s soak in the hot spring at the foot of Kaimondake, the southernmost tip of Kyushu


Kyushu’s southernmost hot spring

A hot spring facility located 45 minutes by city bus from JR Ibusuki Station

Leisure Center Kaimon

Leisure Center Kaimon

Location: 5401-6 Kaimon Kawajiri, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture, 891-0602, Japan



45 minutes by bus from JR Ibusuki Station (a minute walk from the leisure center Kaimon stop)

Open 10:00~

Close 21:00

Fee Adult (junior high school student or older): 340 yen Child (3 years old or older): 170 yen

Regular holiday Every Wednesday (Open on public holidays, the following day is a regular holiday)


Type Indoor bath: Men’s bath (1 place), Women’s bath (1 place)/Mist sauna/Bath

Spring quality; Chloride spring (sodium chloride strong salt hot spring)

Source temperature 59°C, water added, free flowing

Efficacy; neuralgia/muscle pain/arthralgia/chronic dermatitis etc.

Equipment; Hair dryer

Facility equipment; Locker with lock / Rest room (1 room) / TV / Shop / Vending machine

Parking lot Normal cars (40 cars) Large cars (3 cars)


9:55 9:55 Arrived at “Leisure Center Kaimon”.

About a minute’s walk from the bus stop, you will arrive at the front entrance, and at the same time, the majestic figure of Kaimondake will appear in front of you.

The magnificent figure invites you to the coast, where you can see the wide sandy beach and the view of the East China Sea in front of you, and the scenery makes you feel like taking a deep breath.

開聞岳 浜辺より

After enjoying the sound of the waves and the view of the peak of Kaimondake for a while, then! Let’s enter today’s destination “Leisure Center Kaimon”.

10:00 Open

Despite being the first thing in the morning, there are already more than 10 cars in the parking lot, and cars and motorcycles come one after another. It’s quite popular, isn’t it?

However, everyone is elderly. Perhaps I’m the youngest of the customers coming at this time.


Now, when you enter the hall, there is a lower leg shelf and you can put your footwear in a suitable place.

Next, there is a bath ticket vending machine at the front entrance.

There are many ticket types, lined up like a Japanese restaurant with buttons,

“Oh, which is the correct answer?”

I was a little lost, so I asked the front desk staff

“Which ticket should I buy?”

“Can you use the pool?”

After all, I pushed the leftmost button 340 yen and handed the ticket to the front desk to the bathroom.


The spring quality of this hot spring is sodium chloride, which is a general quality.。


The dressing room has shelves with old-style lockers and changing baskets, and the floor is packed with old cages.

Immediately after entering the bathroom, there is a mist sauna room on the left, and a cold water bath of less than 1 tatami mat in the deep side next to it.

To the right is a washroom with a shower lined up in a row by the wall, which is a good old-fashioned public bath style where you can bring your own chair and tub.

There is a hot spring bathtub facing each other, with hot water in the foreground, vibra, sleeping water, jacuzzi in the back.


First of all, I take a chair and a tub to cleanse myself and look for an empty wash space

All spots are reserved.

I wonder if they put on a bath set for each person and secure a spot before heading to the sauna and bathtub.

“Even if the number of people in the sauna room and bathtub is added, there is not enough washing space available.”

It’s a strange sight.

Well, anyway, I found one spot that was vacant, so immediately.

Hot water temperature

It is around 40 C degrees.

It is a free-flowing source.
Source temperature 59°C.
The temperature is adjusted by adding water to the bathtub.

It’s a nice hot water that comes with the warmth of the hot spring, yet has a distinctive refreshing feeling that is characteristic of flowing over.

I warmed up in the lying bathtub for a while.
And I heal my back with a vibrant vibra blower.

In less than 15 minutes, the blood circulation in the whole body will be adjusted and the fatigue will disappear.

A mist sauna room opposite the cold water bath.

It’s not so wide, and even if you soak it in the source spring, sweat gushes out, so you can quickly enter it for about 5 minutes, soak it in a cold water bath for about 2 minutes, and then go up.

Even though the dressing room is cool, sweat gushes out.

Wait 20 minutes for sweat to leave and leave the bathroom.

There was a break room when I went through the corridor opposite the front desk.


There is a wagon on the right side of the bathroom, and strawberries, citrus fruits and broccoli, which are considered to be locally grown, are lined up on it.

Direct sales of agricultural products


I bought 2 packs of strawberries and 1 bag of citrus and left “Leisure Center Kaimon”.


To solve a mystery

On my way home, I sat down on a resting sofa and looked back, and there was a pool behind the glass, and many people enjoy walking in the pool.

“I see, the strange view of the wash space is calculated here.”

I was completely convinced.

The best hit strowberries

When I look into the bag on the shore of Lake Ikeda, I see the strawberries and citrus fruits I bought earlier.

I forgot to buy it

So, I ate it, but I felt it was “very, berry, such as strawberry” rather than “strawberry” which has a very fragrant scent and exquisite sweetness and sourness. Rank in my best.

“Kaimon strawberry”

tourist information

You can see this kind of scenery…

It was a rape field that spreads around.

Access is not very good, but…


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