[Enteric activity] I’ve heard stories of putting intestinal bacteria on your side

Intestinal activity

It has been a long time since this keyword came out, but there is a question as to “I am practicing in my daily life?”, and I thought that it was the basis of enteric activity in the first place I’ve heard the story.

It has been a long time since this keyword came out, but there is a question as to “I am practicing in my daily life?”, and I thought that it was the basis of enteric activity in the first place I’ve heard the story.

What is “Intestinal activity”

Maintaining a healthy body by adjusting the intestinal environment.

Intestinal flora


When you look inside the intestine with a microscope, it looks like a flower field (flora).

“Intestinal flora”

Was named.

More than 1000 species of bacteria inhabit the intestine, more than 100 trillion.

Intestinal bacteria

There are three categories.

  • Good bacteria
  • Bad bacterium
  • Opportunistic bacteria

Beneficial bacteria include bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria, which prevent the invasion and growth of bad bacteria, promote intestinal motility, and tone the stomach.

Bad bacteria, such as Clostridium perfringens, produce harmful substances in the intestine. If bad bacteria increase, constipation, diarrhea, etc. may cause stomach problems.

Opportunistic bacteria will be favored by either good or bad bacteria, whichever is higher.

Balance is important and good balance

Good bacteria 2: Bad bacteria 1: Opportunistic bacteria 7

Environment in which good bacteria are likely to increase

  • Regular and balanced diet
  • Meals with staple food + main dish + side dish
  • Moderate exercise, not overweight and not overweight

Environment where bad bacteria are likely to increase

  • Irregular diet
  • A diet rich in meat and animal protein
  • Oil, fat-rich diet
  • High calorie and uneven diet
  • Factors such as aging, antibiotics, stress


What is symbiotics?

Foods containing beneficial bacteria + foods that feed

This is called “symbiotics”.

As a term,

Foods containing beneficial bacteria; probiotics

Food for food; prebiotics

Good bacteria are professional, food is pre.

What is a food containing beneficial bacteria?


Fermented foods; natto, yogurt, cheese, lactic acid drinks, kimchi, miso, pickles, pickles, vinegared foods

Bacteria: Bifidobacterium, yeast, koji mold, natto etc.

Food that feeds

Dietary fiber, oligosaccharide

There are two types of dietary fiber.

  • Water soluble; softens stool
  • Insoluble; increases stool volume, stimulates intestines

It is “water-soluble” that feeds good bacteria.

Foods high in water-soluble dietary fiber;


Apples, wakame, soybeans, barley rice, okra, honey, bananas, mekabu, etc. It is especially contained in the sticky food.

Foods high in insoluble dietary fiber;

Soybeans, okara, edamame, mushrooms

Foods rich in both;


サSweet potato, lotus root, avocado, burdock

Eating continuously is considered effective. It means, “It’s okay to eat once.”

Fiber intake

Male 20-21g or more
Female 17-18g or more

Amount of dietary fiber in food

Natto 1 pack 3g

Mekabu 1 pack 0.7g

Broccoli 2 bunch 1g

Avocado 1/2 3.5g

1 banana 1g

Rice cake rice 150g /2g

Rye bread 2g

Hijiki rebirth 50g 4.3g

Dried radish return 50g/ 2.3g

Burdock 50g /2.9g

Eringi 50g /2.2g

Broccoli 50g/ 2.2g

Konjac 50g /1.1g


  • 3 meals a day, timed eating
  • Balanced diet
  • Continue to send good bacteria to the intestines every day
  • Don’t forget to feed good bacteria

Morning, yogurt 50g, lunch, 1 pack of natto + pickles + miso soup, evening, 50g yogurt or 1 pack of natto, fish, vegetables as main, meat 4-5 times a month If you continue, it is definitely different. (Number, shape, color, etc.)

In my case, I found a duodenal ulcer in the cancer screening, so I tried it as a good treatment, but it had an unexpected effect and it became a routine for my life.

When the condition of intestinal bacteria deteriorates, not only the condition of the abdomen but also various disorders of the body and mind appear. This seems to be true from the rules of thumb so far.

If you are worried, try it first.

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