2020 begins with Ibusuki Detox [Ibusuki Steam Sand Bath]

2020 the first feature is from Ibusuki.

Thinking about health through life-style, material and foods. However, mental and physical fatigue and stress accumulate unknowingly.

Humans are really busy with neck, shoulders, back, waist stiffness, stomach problems, headaches and tinnitus.

At the end of the year, I was in that condition, and by Christmas night, I was finally in a bad condition.

Therefore, I thought that detoxification was necessary for my body and mind, so I decided to go to hot spring treatment.

Located in Ibusuki, Kagoshima Prefecture

“Sand steaming Bath”

Cover the body with the warm sand from the hot spring, and put it in a steam bath.

So to speak, “Sand Sauna”

We visited the “Sunamushi-kaikan Saraku” which is the main site of Ibusuki.

Sunamushi-kaikan Saraku

Location: 5-25-18 Yunohama, Ibusuki, Kagoshima


Site: Ibusuki Onsen Samusushi Kaikan Sagara

Business: Open all year round, 8:30-20:30

However, closed on the second Tuesday of July and December for inspection.


Sand sand bathing fee 1,100 yen
Face towel 200 yen
Bath towel 200 yen

You don’t have to bring a towel.
The face towels are original and can be taken home.

The “Sunamushi Kaikan Saragaku” is located on the beach facing Yukinohama-dori and Kinko Bay, and is a meter from JR Ibusuki Station by taxi.


In front of the building, the steam from the hot spring is already rising, and I have the feeling that “Oh, I’ve come to Ibusuki.”

Entrance, go up to 2F

When you enter the hall, there are many people who sit on the resting sofa and rest.

It’s 1100 yen if you bring a towel.

The route is posted, and if you go along that route, it will be set as a course from sand steaming to bathing to changing clothes, so it is safe even for the first time.


As expected, the year-end and New Year holidays,

There is a line in front of the sand steaming plant.

I was guided after waiting for about 10 minutes.

There are quite a few foreign visitors, and is German next to me? Family is steaming sand while doing it.

Chinese tourists are also taking a sightseeing bus and coming as a group.

The water quality of the sand-steamed hot springs, that is, the hot springs flowing underground in the sandbox is sodium chloride, which is a typical hot spring, so it is suitable for everyone.

Sandy beach where steam rises

It is said to be effective for neuralgia, rheumatism, low back pain, shoulders, knee joint pain, paralysis, fractures, coldness, and menopause.

The sand steaming area has a roof, so there is no problem even if it rains, and since the sea side is divided by “Yoshizu”, the sea breeze blows through and there is a refreshing open feeling.

If you pour sand on it, your feet will start pounding in 1-2 minutes.

In particular, it feels like my entire leg under my knees has become a heart, and I can really feel that it is because my legs are said to be the second heart.

I lie on my back and have him pour on the sand, and when I look to the side, the pillars have a clock on them, so I can tell when I’m finished.

I steamed sand in less than 10 minutes, soaked in a sauna, cold water, sauna, cold water, hot spring, cold water at the large bath and left the bathroom.

By the way, when I went back to the inn and laid down, my core was still hot, the outside temperature was 10°C, and it was warm even though I did not turn on the heating.

(When I was in my twenties, when I visited Ibusuki for work, I experienced sand steaming only once, but at that time I didn’t feel it was very effective.)

Furthermore, I have had pain and stiffness from my right back to my neck for the past two months or so, and I couldn’t even get it at the weekly sauna, but it disappears like a lie.

I’ve heard that sand-steaming has a great effect, but what’s the best so far?

This feels like “detox”, and you can feel like you’re in the middle of your dreams.

It has been popular with people for 300 years, and its effect has been whispered, but a study by the professor of the Faculty of Medicine, Kagoshima University concluded that the effect of sand steamed hot springs is 3 to 4 times that of ordinary hot springs. ..


When you leave the hall and go to the seaside, there is a wooden deck promenade where you can take a light walk with the scent of the sea and the sound of waves.


From Haneda to Kagoshima

Thank you.

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