Bajill chicken

【バジルチキン- Basil chicken- 】安いムネ肉で アッ!と言わせましょう

<バジルチキン 作り方>



ムネ肉 200g〜300g(お好きなだけ)

キウイフルーツ 1個

ヨーグルト   150〜250mlぐらい

バジル(ドライ) 大さじ6

塩  大さじ1

ニンニク  みじん切り 大さじ1

バター   4かけ(2cm✖5mm角)


  1. キウイフルーツ、ヨーグルト、バジル(大さじ4)、塩をミキサーで10秒。ポリ袋に取る
  2. ムネ肉は大きければ縦3つ割り、小さければ2つ割りにし、上述のポリ袋の中に入れしっかり口をふさいで冷蔵庫で1晩寝かす
  3. 翌日、オーブントースターの天板にアルミホイールをひき、漬けたムネ肉を並べ200℃で15分焼く、チンと鳴ってもドアを開けず、そのまま予熱で肉の中心に熱を通す
  4. この間に、バジルバターソースを作る。フライパンにバターとニンニクを入れ弱火
  5. ニンニクが泡立ってきたら、残りのバジルを加えて混ぜ合わせ、火を止める
  6. オーブントースターに戻り、更に230℃で5分〜10分、途中で焼け具合を見る
  7. 表面に軽く焦げ目が付くくらいで完成
  8. うつわに盛り付けて、バジルバターソースをかける


How to make Basil chicken


Fillet meat chicken(Life 100g 58yen) 200g-300g (as much as you like)

Kiwi fruit (LAZONA Sanwa 98yen) 1
Yogurt about 150-250ml
basil (dry) (Gyomu super 100g 345yen) 6 tablespoons
salt 1 tablespoon
garlic chopped 1 tablespoon
butter (2cm * 5mm square) 4 pieces


  1. Kiwifruit, yogurt, basil (4 tablespoons), salt in a mixer for 10 seconds. Take in a plastic bag.
  2. If the fillet is large, divide it into 3 pieces vertically, if it is small, divide it into 2 pieces, put it in the plastic bag mentioned above, close the mouth of plastic bag firmly, and keep in the refrigerator overnight.
  3. The next day, pull the aluminum wheel on the top plate of oven toaster, arrange the soaked fillet meat and bake at 200 ° C for 15 minutes, do not open the door even if it rings, pass the heat to center of meat with afterheating as it is.
  4. During this time, make garlic butter sauce. Put butter and garlic in a frying pan.
  5. When garlic bubbles, add basil and mix to stop the fire.
  6. Return to the oven toaster, and further check the burn condition on the way at 230 ° C for 5-10 minutes.
  7. Completed with light scorch on the surface.

The taste is determined by arrangement of previous day, and it is an economical item without much effort. If you are healthy, you can replace the butter with olive oil.

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