【平鯛の京風カルパッチョ 】-Goldlined seabream carpccio with flavor Kyoto-

平鯛の京風カルパッチョ 作り方


平鯛(ヘダイ)(ライフ 200円/尾) 1尾

ごま油(九鬼 白) 大さじ 4ぐらい
にんにく  2かけ みじん切り
かぼす   半分  絞って種を除く
塩     小さじ1


  1. ヘダイは、鮮魚コーナーで三枚におろしてもらっておく
  2. フライパンにごま油を温め、にんにくを軽く炒める
  3. 香りがたてば完了
  4. かぼすの絞り汁に塩を溶かす
  5. 熱したにんにく・ごま油をかぼすの絞り汁に注ぐ
  6. ヘダイを縦半分にサクどりし、皮を引く
  7. サクを薄切りにして盛り付ける
  8. ごま油とかぼすのソースをよく混ぜながらスプーンで張る


       How to Goldlined seabream carpccio with flavor Kyoto


Goldlined seabream  1 fish

Sesame oil (White) tablespoon About 4.

Garlic 2 poured over it and it’s cut into small pieces

Kabosu 1/2 squeezed and seeds are removed

Salt teaspoon 1.

*Kabosu is one of japanese lime


  1. Goldlined seabream should cut to filet at a seafood corner.
  2. Sesame oil is heated up in a skillet and garlic is fried lightly.
  3. Finish when it’s fragrant.
  4. Salt is dissolved in squeezed juice of Kabosu.
  5. Heated garlic and sesame oil are poured into squeezed juice of Kabosu.
  6. Goldlined seabream, cut lengthways center, and pull small bones.
  7. Cut into thin slices and dish up.
  8. Poured with a spoon while often mixing the source of sesame oil and Kabosu.

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